Big O Music Fest 2013

Hello there!

So, I recently started an internship at Townsquare Media in Evansville, IN which represents a number of radio stations in the area, and this past Saturday, we drove down to Owensboro, KY for the Big O Music Fest, where Jake Owen was headlining. It was cool to see a huge turnout. That’s good for the bands and promoters who want to keep the events entertaining and successful from year to year. I was up on the stage while the last two acts were being introduced, and I was out front while Jake and his band closed the show. I was snapping shots the entire set and loving every minute of it. My first experience as a concert photographer was definitely an enjoyable one for many reasons, and it made me happy to see so many fans enjoying the show. Everyone that I met in the media/production crews that day were all totally cool and enjoyable to be around as well, and that’s something I always appreciate.

Here are some of the photos I shot that night, and I have some other media/stories to share in the near future as well, so stay tuned!


bigO_01 bigO_02 bigO_03 bigO_04 bigO_05 bigO_06 bigO_07 bigO_08 bigO_09 bigO_10 bigO_11 bigO_12 bigO_13 bigO_14 bigO_15 bigO_16 bigO_17 BigO_18 BigO_19 BigO_20 BigO_21 BigO_22 BigO_23 BigO_25 BigO_26 BigO_27 BigO_28 BigO_29 BigO_30



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